Gifts of Opportunity

Welcome to Moorelands Kids’ Holiday Wishbook! Give a Gift that Gives Back!

Every child has potential but, too often, prospects are thwarted by economic barriers in our increasingly unequal city…

Here, you’ll find meaningful gifts for your friends and loved ones that help unlock potential by bringing vital services and supports to the children and families who need them most. You can give a gift that creates real change for a child in need. Now, what could be a more wonderful gift than that?

How Gifts of Opportunity Work

Step 1

Choose charitable gifts that go to help children-in-need like life jackets or paddles. OR purchase physical gifts that go under your loved one’s tree, a portion of which supports Moorelands Kids.

Step 2

Honour loved ones with a gift in their name and send them a FREE personalized e-card.

Step 3

Empower kids to transform their lives with your gift of opportunity!

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